vinyasa flow YOGA

Vinyasa Flow yoga is my personal practice. After 20 years of regular practice, it still inspires and carries me through life's challenges and transitions–it has been the single most grounding element in my adult life. 

As a child, I trained as a gymnast, a swimmer, and then as a dancer. However, as an adult, embarking on my career in design in New York City, I quickly found myself inactive and unhealthy. Desk-bound. To help regain some balance, I started yoga on a whim at the suggestion of a friend. It has such a profound change on my life that I found myself signing up for a yoga teacher training 2 years later, which I completed with my teachers Jhon Tamayo, Adrienne Burke and Beth Biegler. 

I now teach a style that I love to practice: Vinyasa Flow. 'Vinyasa' translates to 'breath synchronized movement', where each class incorporates a series of choreographed poses that are connected with inhalations and exhalations. 'Flow' refers to this continuous linking of postures or asanas, but also to the flow of energy, or prana, generated by the practice. 'Yoga' means 'union', where we unite body and mind to create a holistic sense of well-being. To sum up, the practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga embodies a full experience of movement, breath, and body/mind energy. 

My style of teaching blends dynamic sequencing with particular attention to alignment, transitions and integration, focusing on the breath to explore yoga in a way that is safe yet challenging, beneficial and fun. Classes are both uplifting and grounding, and I also incorporate hands-on assists to establish stability and offer a directional quality to my students' practice.

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