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After my first class with Kim, I knew I'd be back. My teacher of 8 years had left the country, and I'd been searching for a new teacher for months. Kim approaches her yoga classes with both lightness of heart and respect. Classes were enjoyable and challenging, but never daunting. She breaks down a tricky asana into manageable chunks and it no longer seems so hard or out of reach. Kim's adjustments are always spot on, and she encourages each student in class. You want to go home and practice. I've loved having Kim as a teacher, San Francisco you're very lucky. -- Clare

I've practised yoga for many years and had many good teachers, but over all that time there are only two that really stand out that I would and have actively sung the praises of. Kim is one of them. I have loved Kim's classes, they can be dynamic and calming but always in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone new or old is welcomed with a smile and open arms, her demonstrations are mesmerising, her teaching method clear and easy to understand and time is always taken to ensure everyone 'gets' it. My only consolation is that I've also left London, so couldn't attend her classes anymore, but London's loss is definitely San Francisco's gain...take advantage while you can. -- Peter

I was fortunate enough to run a few Thai Yoga Massage Workshops with Kim in her studio. Her energy, warmth, support and efficiency made the experience such an enjoyable one for me and of course all those that attended. Her yoga classes are inspiring and I always left with a sense of calm from the mental and physical stimulation... I would highly recommend Kim to anyone interested in yoga and can honestly say that you would be truly lucky to have her as your teacher and her playlist is an added bonus. -- Sharona, founder of Love Your Body Massage

I've been attending Kim's classes for over three years now, and I always leave the class feeling like I've had a proper work out, and also a little more relaxed and enriched as a person. Kim always encourages all of her students to push to their own limits during any class, and I can really feel the benefit to my core as well as my arms and legs. I don't think most people appreciate what a decent workout a yoga session can be! I give my body and joints a lot of stress playing field hockey, and yoga is the perfect "balance" to that – my hips and knees in particular are noticeably stronger and more confident if I've been to Kim's class that week. -- Matt

Kim's class is an amazing and refreshing alternative to the typical yoga class. When I first relocated to London, it took me months to find a welcoming and open environment in which to practice, where I would be continually challenged yet didn't have to be a master yogi. Kim's class does all of that and more; she pushes her students to their own personal limits while keeping a sense of humour and fun about the class. Because of her cheerful and positive attitude, she attracts students who share her warmth and generosity, and there is a real feeling of camaraderie at every yoga class - no matter how large or small. -- Danielle

I never imagined I would enjoy Yoga so much. I'm usually work-stressed when I arrive, but by the end of the session, I'm relaxed and calm. This despite the fact that I do work up a sweat and feel sore the next day (signs of an effective exercise). -- Ben

Great, varied and personal. Non-corporate. An antidote to working in the metropolis. And cool. -- Tina

Kim's class is everything a yoga class should be - physically and mentally challenging, leaving you with a sense of calm and well-being afterwards. -- Jasmine

Over the years I have tried a few yoga classes in and around E2 - and Kim's classes are by far my favourite! I love the laid back atmosphere and the room is nice and bright. Not many places give you tea and home-baked muffins after practice on the odd Sunday! The classes are dynamic and they just seem to help make your week better. -- Rute

What I like about Kim's class is that it's not just about meditation and the spiritual aspect of yoga (what I initially assumed about the practice); rather, it's quite dynamic and energising throughout -- from the initial focus on breathing, sequenced flowing movement, and a well-deserved final relaxation at the end. I also enjoy the accompanying music and her verbal instruction which makes the experience all the more inviting and welcoming. I have been practicing yoga for more than 3 years now and really enjoy it still -- every class is different from the last so we're always kept on our toes! -- Marion


Two years ago, I started yoga after experiencing back pain and work related stress. Kim's was the second yoga class I had ever attended. I found the moves challenging, but her calm and clear instruction and attention to detail illuminated a whole new world for me and I knew I had to come back for more! The atmosphere in Kim's classes are warm, friendly and welcoming and you can see why she has regular students coming back every week. At the end of each class you really feel like you have worked to the max and stretched every muscle, ligament and tendon in your body, but also have had tremendous fun at the same time. As an added bonus I found that after about only 8 months of these classes I had lost 1 and a half stone! Years ago I had trained and worked as a contemporary dancer so I was excited to find a yoga teacher so precise, covering each move with a choreographer's attention to detail. Kim is passionate about everyone understanding so will come around and adjust positioning which is fantastic, but also in a careful and mindful way. After 2 years of attending Kim's Vinyasa flow and Budokon yoga classes, improvements in all areas really became apparent--a toned, more strong (especially the core!) and limber body, relaxed mind, gained confidence and even a new attitude to other parts of my life. Needless to say, finding an excellent teacher isn't easy, so San Fransisco you are very lucky- you have a real gem here! -- Janice

I really enjoyed Kim teaching while she was in London and went to her classes in various venues as much as I could for over 3 years. It's clear and precise with an emphasis on getting your poses correct, with her excellent hands on adjustments, without loosing the fluidity of the class. Her classes are fun and dynamic, using great music.  Geared to make you sweat, increase your core strength but still have a sense of humour, which I think is important, especially when you just have one of those days.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to develop their yoga further or even if you are a beginner. She will be very much missed in London and if I am ever in San Francisco I will be sure to surprise her in a class. -- Emily

I've had the pleasure of working with Kim in both group and private settings, and have noticed a dramatic change in my flexibility, strength and posture during this time. When I first moved to London I was eager to find a teacher that I could connect with and one that would challenge me to move deeper into my practice. After my first class with Kim, I was hooked. I'm continually inspired by the harmony and fluidity of her style. Her instruction, timing and music selection create the optimal yoga experience—both physically and spiritually. Kim's personal attention, corrections and modifications make her classes suitable for the novice as well the more experienced yogi. -- Nicole, founder of Nikki's Healing Kitchen

As a total novice, Kim has made me feel that Yoga is something that I can do! Her Back to Basics course is completely inclusive and moves a pace that suits everyone. Each week presents a new challenge and I am always surprised by own ability to do things and feel she is instilling new confidence and connection to my body in every session. I would recommend her classes to everyone as I leave each class feeling renewed, inspired and looking forward to the next. -- Ali

I've been attending Kim's classes for just a month and already I'm aware of the tangible benefits that Kim's instruction brings. I don't just feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed after a class, I carry the mental discipline with me throughout the week. The classes can be as challenging as you want it to be, and I'm looking forward to improving my form and self awareness, as flexibility and suppleness of body brings strength and peace of mind. -- David

Kim's classes have a warm and friendly atmosphere which makes for a really supportive environment to practise yoga. The classes are different every time so it's impossible to get bored and Kim is always upbeat in her teaching style which keeps the energy levels up! I can take the classes at my own pace and I find myself improving from week to week. I always leave her classes feeling relaxed and revitalised and would highly recommend them. -- Lizzy

I love Kim's yoga classes! No two classes are ever the same which is great because it means we are constantly challenged, engaged and motivated. You get a real work out from her classes and I always feel relaxed and de-stressed by the end of the session. Kim is a thorough instructor and really cares about her students which means you really benefit and improve from each class and she creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. -- Hilary 

I've done yoga on and off since 2002. Having taken a number of different yoga classes over the years, I've realised how the personality of the instructor can totally affect the vibe of the class and my own motivation to do yoga. Kim is really serious about yoga but at the same time she is a really friendly and relaxed person, and she has great taste in music that she brings to her class. I'm not the most flexible person in the world, and I could easily feel totally inferior to others in the class, but Kim is really good at making everyone feel comfortable in their own abilities. She's also the most observant yoga instructor that I know and will help you perfect the movements and postures, and that's especially good to avoid any sort of injuries. Asking questions can be really important in a yoga class, and I like how I never feel embarrassed to speak up in Kim's class. -- Stefan