Sweaty Betty ambassador photoshoot, Summer 2012
London, UK


In Japanese, Budokon translates directly as (Bu) warrior, (Do) way, (Kon) spirit – or "way of the spiritual warrior". It was developed in the US in 2000 by Cameron Shayne as a fusion of yoga, martial arts, Zen meditation and the study of animal movement into one seamless expression. The individual practices complement one another to create a powerful, yet balancing system. The yogic elements of the practice are focused on cultivating control, strength and precision, working to improve range of motion and strength. The martial elements of the practice teach agility, power, focus and flow in the body and mind. The animal movements, or study of locomotion, reconnect us with our true nature, restoring kinetic skills lost in evolution. 

Having studied several years with Cameron Shayne without prior background in martial arts, I have come to deeply respect the discipline and commitment which comes with the territory. The Budokon Yoga practice is a seamlessly-designed flow focused on transitions with circular rotation, spinal undulation and innovative movements not found in a typical yoga class. It has brought my personal practice to a whole new level and continues to inform and inspire my unique teaching style. 

For more information abut Budokon, visit www.budokon.com 

Budokon red belt grading, April 2011
Tarragona, Spain

"The way we do anything is the way we do everything" 
-- Cameron Shayne